Monday, April 20, 2009

long time no write

and this is why i dont do blogs....or journals. i love the idea..i get so excited...i think about stuff i could write all day and then i just give up. and then i come back every couple months to cram everything in. youll see this trend in every single journal i own and in my livejournal acct. its ridiculous.
soooo...we are leaving for california on wednesday. im so excited! very nervous to take kelton on a plane. i called the doctor today and she pretty much told me what i already knew. to nurse him while taking off and landing to allow his ears to pop, and if i want him to sleep, to give him a teaspoon of benadryl. which i honestly dont think ill need. well...i pray that i wont need it. hes so good and hardly ever cries...i dont know why im so worried. im scared his ears wont pop. my ears hardly ever pop and its so annoying. im sure he'll be fine. i called the airlines and asked about car seats and strollers. apparently they have storage on the plane just for that but its limited. if its too full when we get up to the gate they have to store it underneath and then we'll have to get it when we get our luggage. but neither item counts toward our luggage or carryons which is good. luggage costs $15 per bag. and then $25 for an additional bag. since kelton is not really considered a 'passenger', his bag is our 'extra' bag. so its $55 for each flight! sooo dumb. im hoping that we can get all of keltons stuff and bryans stuff in one bag. and then ill have a bag for my stuff. we shall see. why am i taking so much room talking about the freakin flight?? and luggage? whatev.
me and bryan are waiting to hear back on this house that we are wanting to rent. its so perfect. we love it! its like 30 seconds from where we are now. 3 bedroom ranch. everything, including the laundry room is upstairs. and then theres a huge unfinished basement where bryan can have his workshop and use it for storage and what not. theres a huge yard...a little back patio...a one car garage. its so so cute. and of course the best part is (seriously) is that it comes with a dishwasher. im not even have no idea the pain and agony we go thru without a stupid dishwasher. and it only $850 a month! which is sooo unheard of for westerville. so anyway...we faxed our application over a few days ago and we are just waiting to hear back. oh! and the landlords are christians! they are so nice! the guy used to be a framer just like bryan so they talked for awhile about stuff and then he started telling us of how he started his business and now they own all these condos and buildings and stuff. bryan was pretty impressed and i think it encouraged him to keep pushing toward his dream of owning his own construction business.
kelton is laughing so much lately...its so adorable. heres a video...

ahhhh...hes so adorable i wanna eat him! hes trying to crawl sooooooooo hard! he arches his back when hes on his belly so he just has his hands and his toes touching the ground and then he'll put his knees down for a second and then fall back down to his belly. he gets so frustrated...its so cute. my mom and joe were down this was fun...kelton was happy to see his grandma and papa joe. they took brady back with them. its so much stress right now with 2 dogs, a baby, living in an apartment. we just wanted to see what it was like to only have daisy (if i had it my would definitely be the other way around but theres no way bryan could ever part with his precious daisy..God forbid). it was hard letting him go and i do miss him a lot. we are giving it a 2 week trial run to see how it goes.

my working out is still going good. i try to do it about 5 times a week. i dont know how much weight ive lost cuz we dont own a scale but i can definitely tell a huge difference. im able to fit into stuff that i couldnt even fit into before i got pregnant. i still wanna lose more of my baby belly and just start toning my arms and legs now. im so proud of myself! i put on my bikini a couple weeks and i can actually say that i wont be uncomfortable wearing it in public. its not even been 2 whole months that ive been working out so i know in a couple more months ill be right where i wanna be. and then of course ill prolly get pregnant again :)

ok this is crazy long. i still have more to say but ill wait til my next blog...who knows when that will be.

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  1. I love the video! Kelton looks like you! He is so super cute!!