Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i suck at keeping up with this thing

oh man i dont know where to begin. im such a slacker. i always freakin do this. i start a journal and im really good about it for a bit and then i slack off. such is life.
kelton is 8 months old now. hes sitting on his own and hes really thinking about crawling. i can see it in his eyes. he scoots when hes on his belly and it frustrates him really bad that he cant get anywhere. ill sit a few feet away from him and try to get him to come to me and he'll really try and then hit his hands on the floor after a few minutes out of frustration. its really cute. hes laughing a lot more now i love it! hes really ticklish under his arms and he laughs hysterically when you tickle him. its so adorable! hes still sleeping REALLY well. we have now started putting him down around 730ish and he still sleeps til around 7 or 730 in the morning. we are SOO proud of him! hes perfection. hes nursing a lot less. we're giving him more and more jar food. i usually only nurse him in the morning, at nite, and usually once during the day. my milk supply is decreasing by the second. i STRUGGLE to get 3 oz during the day when i pump. and he usually eats around 6 oz. (with rice ceral of course).
so i booked our flights for california! we are going april 22nd thru the 28th...i am sooo excited! we really need this break. im really nervous about flying with kelton. i shouldnt be cuz hes so good but still i worry that i will be one of those moms with the screaming baby. ugh...dreadful. im praying that he'll sleep for most of it. im also scared that the time change is gonna screw with his sleeping time. 3 hour difference is a lot! we shall see. we got a really good deal on our tickets. we leave at 7 in the morning on wednesday and get to california a little before 11am. then we leave at 430 on sunday afternoon and get home at 130am. that part kind of sucks since we will both have to work the next day...but i think itll be worth it to get to spend the extra time with my sister. the tickets were 217 each. REALLY good price! i accidentally booked our flights a week after my scheduled vacation was. i was freaking out thinking that i would have to change our flight time which wouldve cost an additional $300. both of my bosses are in san antonio this week for training so i thought i wouldnt have a chance to get a hold of them. i sent them an email and my boss called me that nite and told me he had no idea why i was worrying so much and that they would work it out. HUGE blessing! seriously huge! my department is extremely anal about vacation time and we had to schedule our entire vacation time a YEAR in advance. thats how anal. but i prayed and God answered....amazing!
we have spent so much money in the last week its ridiculous. first our plane tickets, then we had to take our freakin dogs to get all their shots and get their license because our freaking horrible (!!!!) neighbors have had this ridiculous vendetta against us since we moved in for some unknown reason and they just look for reasons to piss us off. my dog got loose one day for like 7 seconds and he called animal control on us. animal control!! so we got this freakin citation against us and bryan has to go to court to prove that theyre licensed so we wont have to pay a fine. aldsnoeirwfjasdklflawelfknaweklfsadlkjfiafsw!~!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me so mad. we gotta get out of here. 2 more months on our lease. we really wanna find a house to rent. im praying something comes thru for us. grrr... we shall see.
ok im gonna catch up more tomorrow. this is getting long

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My husband is a genius

Today Bryan had a day off cuz of the rain so he got to stay home with Kelton. the reason i love these days is 2 fold. i get to sleep in a little longer and dont have to take him to daycare. and 2. i love knowing that kelton is spending the whole day with his daddy. and i know bryan likes it too. so whenever he stays much as he likes spending time with kelton he feels like hes being a slacker if he doesnt do at least a little work. i clearly do not share this same thought process. anyway so today he took the initiative and decided he would build kelton a toybox. and here it is...

its perfect!! i freakin love it! such a craftsman, my husband. hes so excited about it too..its really cute. he keeps explaining exactly how he built it and what he had to do to carve around the corners and everything. i have no clue at all what hes talking about but i like listening to him when hes really proud of something. earlier on the phone i asked him what kind of wood he got to build the box and he told me pine. i was like oh ok...i have no clue why i asked you that by the way cuz i couldnt tell ya what pine even looks like. God bless my hubby
im reading Chelsea Handlers book "are you there vodka? its me, chelsea" seriously...i have never laughed so hard at a book....ever. funniest thing in the world. like..tears coming down my face. its awesome. i dont want it to end. shes my hero

Monday, March 9, 2009

Correct Prediction

i know the title got you all excited. it lured you in...what prediction? what will it be? it is in fact that kelton got his front two teeth. i know...i know. intense. hes been drooling like crazy and chewing on his fingers, and anything else he can find for that matter. they finally came in over the weekend. he looks really cute. ive been tryin to get a picture but his smile only lasts 2 seconds b4 i can get it. last nite we put him to bed after a long day and he woke up 30 minutes later screaming bloody murder. i felt so bad for him. poor thing was in so much pain. gave him so tylenol and a few minutes later he was out again. i had him sleep in bed with us (i know...i give in too easy..but come on he was hurtin).
yesterday we went to bryans cousins memorial service thing. they didnt have a funeral..they just had family and friends come over for a catered lunch. he was only 40 years old. i actually thought he was younger. i only met him a few times...he didnt talk too much so i didnt really know him. nor did bryan. they dont know the actual cause of autopsy was done. he had a lot of health problems. few years ago he battled testicular cancer. he had type 1 diabetes and struggled a lot with that. he also had hepatitis c. along with physical ailments...he had several mental issues, as well as a drug problem. its really sad...and im gonna start crying if i keep typing. his mom and sister struggled so much trying to help him during his life and to see them at the memorial service was so depressing. i hate those situations too...cuz i never know what to say. i feel so awkward and then i make it even more awkward by either A. not saying anything at all or B. saying something that later im like...why...WHY..did i say that? out of all things??! its really annoying. i always love seeing bryans family though. they all crack me up and we get along really well. his aunt patty makes me laugh so hard i pee.
heres a video of kelton playing soccer at bryans uncles house yesterday...

the rest of the weekend was fun too. john and jayme spent the night on saturday and we made breakfast in the morning. im freaking LOVING(!!!) this weather..its amazing! its crazy that just the change in weather can change everyones attitude...completely. im always in a much better mood and you can tell that everyone is just happier. plus we had daylight now its lighter later. which i LOVE!

ok...gonna watch a movie and go to bed

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Promotions and missing wallets

ok so the exercising is still goin strong. i took a break yesterday body was in a ridiculous amount of pain and because im sick. i woke up with no voice yesterday and slowly but surely i got it back but of course proceeded to sound like a man for the remainder of the day. still pretty scratchy today and very man-like but getting better. pretty congested too. i attempted to do my workout today but bryans freakin xbox (which is our dvd player) completely froze up and wouldnt turn back on again. i tried to continue the workout by memory but only lasted approximately 2 1/2 minutes. its amazing what billy blanks and his encouraging crew does for your workout. ah well. i shall begin again tomorrow. its prolly good that i take another break today anyway to rest.
keltons already passed out. went to bed at 7 tonite. lovely
so i got offered a promotion at work. its an assist position. basically would do the same thing im doing now except a majority of my calls would come from my coworkers for assistance with their banker calls. i dont know if the way i explained it made sense...whatever. anyway, would be more money and i would actually like my job for once but it would mean working full time. 930-6 everyday. right now i work 9-3. i asked if i could at least get off at 530 since keltons daycare closes at 6 and they said no. pretty incredulous that they cant negotiate 30 freakin minutes. and i talked my boss' ear off about it and he still wouldnt budge. i dont know. i keep going back and forth about it. yah the money would be great and i would gain my sanity back but getting off at 6?? i wouldnt be home until almost 7 after picking up kelton and then eat dinner and then put kelton to bed around 730, 745ish. only seeing my son for 45 minutes a day??! so me and bryan decided that im not gonna accept the position. its whats best for us and whats best for kelton. and im sure that God will provide something much better for me down the road. i know im making the right decision, but its still hard to pass up. grrrr....
since sunday bryan couldnt find his was so incredibly frustrating. and my id was also in it from when we went to dinner on our anniversary. so we were looking EVERYWHERE for it. praying that we would find it and freaking out. checking the bank account everyday to make sure noone had started using it. bryan was being so hard on himself and kept saying how he shouldnt be so careless and irresponsible. i was encouraging him telling him that it happens to everyone and to not be so hard on himself. this morning...i put on my coat and...low and behold...his wallet was in my pocket. turns out im the careless one. HA! at least we found it

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anniversary and Taebo

Soooo...our anniversary was perfect this weekend. It was just what we needed...some alone time and to just get away and love on each other. and Kelton did great at grandma and grandpas...they put him down at 8 and he slept til 630. I figured he might not sleep well since he was in a different environment but he did great! im sooo proud of him! i missed him like crazy though! we did have so much fun though. the dinner was fantastic..i got salmon and bry got steak. had some really good wine. and when we got back to our room...our bed was all made up with rose petals and we had a bottle of champagne and chocolates. then we had our massages...oh my gosh...just..oh my gosh. sooooo incredible! i felt really good about myself cuz when the guy was massaging my arms he was like...'do you work out?' why yes mr. masseur..i most certainly do. i did not however tell him that i had only been working out for one day. whatev. it made me feel good. THEN we ate the top of our wedding cake. delish. and then the rest of the night was spent doing other fun stuff :) The next morning we got served breakfast in bed...then showered and went to pick up our boy. it was grand. was round 2 of my taebo. im starting to get the hang of it. although i do make sure that the curtains are tightly closed so as not to put on a comedic show for my neighbors. because i assure you...i look ridiculous. i even made bryan go upstairs and play with kelton because i feel so weird doing it and im sure i look even weirder. i know i know...i gotta get over it. oh well. hes being super supportive and great about it. hes my hero. my arms....they feel like jello. jell...o. seriously. they hurt like a mother. this thing is kickin my ass....but i love it. i feel really good about myself. the taebo thing came with 3 dvds. ive only done the first one. the 3rd is for abs which i really need to do but i watched it the other day ( it was a movie) and it actually HURT to watch. its so intense. i was breathing heavy and everything. keep in mind i was in a sitting position the entire time not budging. oh scared of that one. ill try to get the first 2 down before i try that one.
ok im gonna feed my boy and put him to bed.