Monday, March 2, 2009

Anniversary and Taebo

Soooo...our anniversary was perfect this weekend. It was just what we needed...some alone time and to just get away and love on each other. and Kelton did great at grandma and grandpas...they put him down at 8 and he slept til 630. I figured he might not sleep well since he was in a different environment but he did great! im sooo proud of him! i missed him like crazy though! we did have so much fun though. the dinner was fantastic..i got salmon and bry got steak. had some really good wine. and when we got back to our room...our bed was all made up with rose petals and we had a bottle of champagne and chocolates. then we had our massages...oh my gosh...just..oh my gosh. sooooo incredible! i felt really good about myself cuz when the guy was massaging my arms he was like...'do you work out?' why yes mr. masseur..i most certainly do. i did not however tell him that i had only been working out for one day. whatev. it made me feel good. THEN we ate the top of our wedding cake. delish. and then the rest of the night was spent doing other fun stuff :) The next morning we got served breakfast in bed...then showered and went to pick up our boy. it was grand. was round 2 of my taebo. im starting to get the hang of it. although i do make sure that the curtains are tightly closed so as not to put on a comedic show for my neighbors. because i assure you...i look ridiculous. i even made bryan go upstairs and play with kelton because i feel so weird doing it and im sure i look even weirder. i know i know...i gotta get over it. oh well. hes being super supportive and great about it. hes my hero. my arms....they feel like jello. jell...o. seriously. they hurt like a mother. this thing is kickin my ass....but i love it. i feel really good about myself. the taebo thing came with 3 dvds. ive only done the first one. the 3rd is for abs which i really need to do but i watched it the other day ( it was a movie) and it actually HURT to watch. its so intense. i was breathing heavy and everything. keep in mind i was in a sitting position the entire time not budging. oh scared of that one. ill try to get the first 2 down before i try that one.
ok im gonna feed my boy and put him to bed.

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  1. I just started working out again too! Last week was my first week.

    I'm glad you guys had such a great anniversary! It sounds like it was a lot of fun :) I love you!