Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My husband is a genius

Today Bryan had a day off cuz of the rain so he got to stay home with Kelton. the reason i love these days is 2 fold. i get to sleep in a little longer and dont have to take him to daycare. and 2. i love knowing that kelton is spending the whole day with his daddy. and i know bryan likes it too. so whenever he stays home...as much as he likes spending time with kelton he feels like hes being a slacker if he doesnt do at least a little work. i clearly do not share this same thought process. anyway so today he took the initiative and decided he would build kelton a toybox. and here it is...

its perfect!! i freakin love it! such a craftsman, my husband. hes so excited about it too..its really cute. he keeps explaining exactly how he built it and what he had to do to carve around the corners and everything. i have no clue at all what hes talking about but i like listening to him when hes really proud of something. earlier on the phone i asked him what kind of wood he got to build the box and he told me pine. i was like oh ok...i have no clue why i asked you that by the way cuz i couldnt tell ya what pine even looks like. God bless my hubby
im reading Chelsea Handlers book "are you there vodka? its me, chelsea" seriously...i have never laughed so hard at a book....ever. funniest thing in the world. like..tears coming down my face. its awesome. i dont want it to end. shes my hero

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