Monday, March 9, 2009

Correct Prediction

i know the title got you all excited. it lured you in...what prediction? what will it be? it is in fact that kelton got his front two teeth. i know...i know. intense. hes been drooling like crazy and chewing on his fingers, and anything else he can find for that matter. they finally came in over the weekend. he looks really cute. ive been tryin to get a picture but his smile only lasts 2 seconds b4 i can get it. last nite we put him to bed after a long day and he woke up 30 minutes later screaming bloody murder. i felt so bad for him. poor thing was in so much pain. gave him so tylenol and a few minutes later he was out again. i had him sleep in bed with us (i know...i give in too easy..but come on he was hurtin).
yesterday we went to bryans cousins memorial service thing. they didnt have a funeral..they just had family and friends come over for a catered lunch. he was only 40 years old. i actually thought he was younger. i only met him a few times...he didnt talk too much so i didnt really know him. nor did bryan. they dont know the actual cause of autopsy was done. he had a lot of health problems. few years ago he battled testicular cancer. he had type 1 diabetes and struggled a lot with that. he also had hepatitis c. along with physical ailments...he had several mental issues, as well as a drug problem. its really sad...and im gonna start crying if i keep typing. his mom and sister struggled so much trying to help him during his life and to see them at the memorial service was so depressing. i hate those situations too...cuz i never know what to say. i feel so awkward and then i make it even more awkward by either A. not saying anything at all or B. saying something that later im like...why...WHY..did i say that? out of all things??! its really annoying. i always love seeing bryans family though. they all crack me up and we get along really well. his aunt patty makes me laugh so hard i pee.
heres a video of kelton playing soccer at bryans uncles house yesterday...

the rest of the weekend was fun too. john and jayme spent the night on saturday and we made breakfast in the morning. im freaking LOVING(!!!) this weather..its amazing! its crazy that just the change in weather can change everyones attitude...completely. im always in a much better mood and you can tell that everyone is just happier. plus we had daylight now its lighter later. which i LOVE!

ok...gonna watch a movie and go to bed

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