Thursday, March 5, 2009

Promotions and missing wallets

ok so the exercising is still goin strong. i took a break yesterday body was in a ridiculous amount of pain and because im sick. i woke up with no voice yesterday and slowly but surely i got it back but of course proceeded to sound like a man for the remainder of the day. still pretty scratchy today and very man-like but getting better. pretty congested too. i attempted to do my workout today but bryans freakin xbox (which is our dvd player) completely froze up and wouldnt turn back on again. i tried to continue the workout by memory but only lasted approximately 2 1/2 minutes. its amazing what billy blanks and his encouraging crew does for your workout. ah well. i shall begin again tomorrow. its prolly good that i take another break today anyway to rest.
keltons already passed out. went to bed at 7 tonite. lovely
so i got offered a promotion at work. its an assist position. basically would do the same thing im doing now except a majority of my calls would come from my coworkers for assistance with their banker calls. i dont know if the way i explained it made sense...whatever. anyway, would be more money and i would actually like my job for once but it would mean working full time. 930-6 everyday. right now i work 9-3. i asked if i could at least get off at 530 since keltons daycare closes at 6 and they said no. pretty incredulous that they cant negotiate 30 freakin minutes. and i talked my boss' ear off about it and he still wouldnt budge. i dont know. i keep going back and forth about it. yah the money would be great and i would gain my sanity back but getting off at 6?? i wouldnt be home until almost 7 after picking up kelton and then eat dinner and then put kelton to bed around 730, 745ish. only seeing my son for 45 minutes a day??! so me and bryan decided that im not gonna accept the position. its whats best for us and whats best for kelton. and im sure that God will provide something much better for me down the road. i know im making the right decision, but its still hard to pass up. grrrr....
since sunday bryan couldnt find his was so incredibly frustrating. and my id was also in it from when we went to dinner on our anniversary. so we were looking EVERYWHERE for it. praying that we would find it and freaking out. checking the bank account everyday to make sure noone had started using it. bryan was being so hard on himself and kept saying how he shouldnt be so careless and irresponsible. i was encouraging him telling him that it happens to everyone and to not be so hard on himself. this morning...i put on my coat and...low and behold...his wallet was in my pocket. turns out im the careless one. HA! at least we found it

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  1. Good job for not accepting the promotion-- I think you did the right thing. It would be so hard to only see your sweet little baby for 45 minutes a day!! :( And money is just money...

    Feel better soon!