Saturday, February 28, 2009


SO...i started exercising. as of yesterday. i bought some taebo dvds off of ebay a couple weeks ago and just got it in the mail a couple days ago. it actually hurts to be typing right now. im so sore. but im so motivated. if nothing else gets in my shape, i at least just want my stomach to be back to normal. Kelton is 7 months old...i need to stop using the excuse.. 'i just had a baby'. jayme called me this morning and said that her and john went to the gym the other day and went on the olliptical and then the treadmill for an hour. she said when they got off she was like 'john..i..i...i cant feel my face!' and john was like 'my ears are all clogged and my legs feel like jello'. i was laughing so hard when she said she couldnt feel her face!! im still laughing as i type it. man we are all so out of shape its ridiculous. at least we're attempting to be proactive about it.

i am sitting here watching elmopalooza with kelton right now and hes sitting in his bumbo facing toward the tv and away from me. everytime i start laughing or say something to him he arches his back and tries to look at me. and then he finds me and he starts laughing. its really cute.

so the cable guy is supposed to be coming today to install our hd box or whatever and i have zero clue as to what time hes coming. i dont even wanna describe what i look like right now...its fairly i hope its not anytime soon that theyre coming. eh well. i should prolly take a shower. i most likely wont. actually wait i have to cuz me and bryan are going out tonite! TOMORROW IS OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously cannot believe its been a year already. it flew by. im so excited for tonite. we are taking kelton over to bryans parents around 2...going to lunch...then going to The Lofts hotel downtown. We reserved the 'romance package' where they give you a $50 gift card to a cameron mitchell restaurant, make your dinner reservations, and while youre out they cover your bed in rose petals and leave you with a bottle of champagne. AND they give you 2 massages in your room. im so excited! so we are going to the restaurant, 'M' at 630, then we have our massages at 9. its gonna be so much fun!

now that kelton is sleeping thru the nite...his parents should have it really easy. last nite we put him to bed around 8 and he slept til 730 this morning! hes so perfect i could spit. what movie is that from? its not the word perfect though. i think its 'im so excited i could just spit'. i think michelle would know.

sooo......jen texted me last nite and told me that Vrabel signed with the freakin redskins! im so mad...i almost started crying last nite! hes the only former ohio state player that was on the team and now hes gone! i was so close to buying his jersey last year...glad i didnt. anyway ok thats it...

im gonna attempt to make myself at least a little presentable.


  1. happy anniversary! that picture is funny. you should post of a picture of yourself...
    it's i'm so excited i could just's from tu wong fu, thanks for everything julie lamar.. is that what it's called?!?! haha. john luigizamo.. ok i'm spelling everything wrong. yah kelton is flippin awesome for sleeping that great.
    john...i..i. i can't feel my face! HAHAHA!

  2. Shell its To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Not spanish... "Tu wong fu, thanks for everything julie lamar" Anyway Kelton is so adorable in this pic!!! I spoke w/ jules via web came and i can confirm she looked a mess. she had mushroom hair (idk that's what it looked like to me) that cable guy is going to install that HD super quick just to get out of there. j/k love you jaws! xxoo

  3. i can picture the mushroom hair. yah i don't know why i wrote TU considering it was a note... of course it would be TO. lamar, newmar... potato potahto.

  4. Happy anniversary!! Do you like that little chair thing? we were thinking about getting one for zeke because he LOVES to sit up but he can't do it on his own yet...

  5. oh yes...the bumbo is amazing. try to find it on ebay though cuz its super expensive in the store. like $50 or something. we got it for $20 on ebay. he LOVES it! he just now started being able to sit up on his own but we still put him in there. i recommend it most def.
    thanks for the mushroom hair comment. i will say that is exactly what it resembled. and the cable guy was in and out pretty quick...hmmmm